It is important to follow our Code of Conduct in order to make sure you have the most secure and safe experience when using our dating site. Online dating is an exciting and wonderful thing we are able to provide singles looking for companionship or relationships, however, it is so important to stay safe while doing so.

Staying Safe & How it Works

Here at Classy, we aim to monitor every account made on our site and investigate any unusual or inappropriate activity. With that being said, it is important to point out we don’t conduct criminal background checks during the registration process, so must emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and paying attention to the truthfulness of anyone you may be interacting with.
Although we also aim to provide you with a wealth of incredible and trustworthy singles, unfortunately everyone you meet online is not guaranteed to be genuine. In order to make sure you are staying as safe as you can, we must encourage you to know the person well before deciding to meet with them, never disclose any personal information such as your
address, place of work or financial information, and if you are meeting with someone for the first time, make sure it is in a public place.

Create a respectful profile by choosing an appropriate username, most commonly and advised would be your first name during registration as that is what your potential matches will be seeing, and also pick a profile photo which is a clear and accurate representation of yourself, promoting honesty and transparency on the Classy site.

Ensure you are treating others on the site how you want to be treated, including in the messages you send. Send messages that are meaningful, that make sense and that are relevant. Take pride in every interaction and be respectful to everyone you chat to.

We understand that not all interactions will go the way you expect, and sometimes you come across matches which aren’t for you. This is when we want you to be particularly honest in your conversations and if you no longer have interest in a single you’ve been conversing with, let them know. You are not only wasting their time, but you are wasting
your own.

Finally, make privacy one of your top priorities and keep communication via the Classy site until you’ve decided you are confident in pursuing a date outside of your online interactions. Do not share personal identifying information with other users and never share messages publicly. Never request or send sexual content, this is very inappropriate on our site. If you feel anyone one of your matches may be breaking our code of conduct and being disrespectful and inappropriate, please do not hesitate to report the individual and a member of our team can take appropriate action against them.

Ultimately, we want to make Classy a secure and fun and exciting platform for all you singles, so join up today, stay safe and have the best experience finding your soul mate.